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Tech leader Geotab launches solar-powered asset tracker

Geotab, a leader in connected vehicle technology, has launched the solar-powered asset tracker TT600 series by PUI on the Geotab Marketplace in Australia and New Zealand.

Providing fleet managers with near real-time, detailed tracking information for assets such as trailers, containers, and generators, the solar-powered asset tracker TT600 series is simple to install. It provides visibility into the true utilisation, dwell time, yard movements, and yard entry and exit times of a fleet’s important assets.

The solar-powered asset tracker TT600 series by PUI utilises GPS-based tracking to provide insight into asset usage and location via the MyGeotab platform.

By using data insights, fleet managers can better address issues such as underutilisation, effective lot management, maintenance, and solve for common trailer management challenges.

Designed to withstand harsh conditions, the solar asset tracker is IP67-certified for rugged durability. Equipped with efficient solar cells, advanced cellular technology, and a long battery life of up to six years, PUI offers fleet managers a reliable, self-sustaining solution to enhance business operations.

“We are very excited to partner with Geotab and help expand their solutions offerings in the Australian and New Zealand markets,” said Mark Wells, president and CEO at PUI.

“By offering the solar-powered asset tracker TT600 series on the Geotab Marketplace, we are providing Geotab’s over 47,000 regional customers with a tool that can help them improve how they manage their trailers, containers, and other important assets.”

With approximately 100 employees worldwide, PUI is a leading global provider of customisable IoT hardware devices and asset monitoring solutions.

Providing asset tracking and monitoring capabilities to help you stay on top of your valuable assets, PUI is committed to delivering smarter, more connected products to keep your people and assets safe.

“This partnership with PUI represents a significant step in expansion for Geotab,” added Sean Killen, vice president Latin America, Asia and ANZ at Geotab.

“By helping our customers gain better visibility into their important assets both on the road and off, we are helping them both increase productivity and better manage their fleet.”

The solar-powered asset tracker TT600 series by PUI is available on the Geotab Marketplace.

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