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Young achiever in transport industry proves doubters wrong

At just 17 years old, Kady Morgan already has two years of experience in the transport industry and a prestigious award under her belt – and says her parents are to thank for her strong work ethic.

Morgan started working for SRT Logistics in Tasmania as a Christmas casual back in 2021.

It was intended to be a short-term money-earner, but Morgan ended up loving it – and in February 2022 she applied for a school-based apprenticeship, studying for a Certificate III in Supply Chain Operations.

“I went to school three days a week and to work two days a week,” Morgan told Big Rigs.

“At first my school was hesitant, but it actually worked really well.

“I would be sent home extra work to do on a Wednesday, which was the end of my school week, and I would finish that off by the next Monday.”

By the end of the year, Morgan had graduated high school, completed her certificate, and been offered a full-time job as a freight clerk with SRT Logistics.

“I finished school one week and started full-time work the next,” she added.

Morgan was recently presented with the Transport Industry Young Achiever Award at the Tasmanian Transport Association Awards.

Both of Morgan’s parents are truck drivers, and her mum Allison also works for SRT Logistics.

“I always thought that I would become a driver,” Morgan revealed.

“I never thought that I would be in logistics, and now I don’t see myself in anything else!”

Morgan is the youngest full-time employee at SRT Logistics, and one of the only women.

She had to work hard to prove herself with a few of the drivers.

“I had issues with some of them, they didn’t really think I belonged there because I was so young, and a girl,” she said.

“Over time, they have accepted it.

“My parents and my friends have been a great support to me, and helped me whenever things were difficult.”

Morgan, who is from New Norfolk, was recently presented with the Transport Industry Young Achiever Award at the Tasmanian Transport Association Awards.

Her trainer and assessor described her as a “fast learner” and a valued member of the team at SRT Logistics.

Morgan thinks part of the reason she got the award is her willingness to work hard.

“If they asked me to work an extra Saturday or Sunday, I would do it.

“I have only had one sick day since I started, and I haven’t really had any holidays!

“If they wanted something I’d do it, I’d be there immediately.”

When she’s of the legal age, she hopes to get her truck licence.

“That way, I could swap and change. I’d love to see what a driver does and experience it for myself.

“I’d like to see if I could go further into the operational side of things, to see how that all works.”

Sharing her advice to any other young women who might be interested in pursuing a career in the transport industry, she added: “If someone has something to say about it, don’t take it to heart. Just believe in yourself.”

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