A helping hand on the road


In the first interview in our new Truckies through Ararat series, local photographer Darryl Edwards catches up with Mt Rowan Towing’s Matty Clark for a chat.

Driver: Matty Clark
Company: Mt Rowan Towing, Ballarat

Darryl: Hey Matty, thanks for being my first story in Big Rigs. What are you currently driving mate?
Matty: A 2019 Isuzu FRD tilt tray, 1983 Kenworth W900 heavy tow truck, 1997 Kenworth T650 heavy tow truck. I grew up with one of my dad’s best mates being a tow truck driver for years and it was always fascinating how recoveries and salvage jobs were done so as soon as I was old enough, I got my truck ticket and accident licence and got into the industry.Funnily enough, the company I started with was then the competition company to the one my dad’s mate worked for, so it made for interesting times.

Darryl: How long have you been driving for?
Matty: Going on 11 years now.

Darryl: Where is your favourite roadhouse for a feed?
Matty: Love the Mortlake Roady but sadly don’t get out that way much. But while I was living in Queensland for a few years running interstate the Shell servo at Gilgandra; always did a ripper feed!

Darryl: Given you’ve been in the industry 11 years, what would your advice be for the next generation of truck drivers?
Matty: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. In this day and age, sadly people are too quick to point and laugh if you don’t know how to do something, but I will always help when and where I can.
We all had to start somewhere. And I am a firm believer that it doesn’t matter how many years you have been doing it, there is always someone better to learn from so always pays to pay attention to other people doing it and pick up on things here and there. Don’t give it up because it gets too hard. There are people out there that will give you the time of day and help you.

Darryl: You obviously see a lot being a tow truck driver so how do you wind down away from work?
Matty: I love playing cricket indoor and outdoor when I get the time to and when I haven’t managed to injure myself also. Also have a pretty good collection of cars that I don’t drive because I’m always working but there’s always something needing to be serviced or fixed. I also try to be an available ear to talk to regarding seeing some pretty bad stuff to the other local operators here in town too as I have grown a bit of a thick skin when it comes to seeing the bad sides of the job and I find that sometimes the other boys need to talk to get it off their chest and I enjoy being able to help them through that also.

Darryl: Alright lastly mate, what would be your dream truck?
Matty: If the boss ever decides to sell the W900 I would be first in line to buy that as it’s by far my favourite, the old banga!  But would love a 610SAR or a modern W900SAR as a heavy tow truck.

Darryl: Thanks mate.

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