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QTA leading advocacy for road freight

In 2023, our key advocacy priority was on the much-needed industry reform of minimum standards. The QTA has been at the coalface of advocacy with government, as this reform must ensure that transport costs are respected and equitable for both employers and employees to sustain the road freight sector.

With tight profitability across the industry there have been several notable businesses failing across the country this year.

Our firm focus has been to engage with government to inform innovative policy decisions that will enable the road freight sector, not constrain it. This means continually preaching the benefits for unlocking access of high productivity multi-combinations, and long-term investment commitments to road and bridge infrastructure with a view to establishing an all-weather national freight route.

The recent infrastructure spending review has the Inland Freight Route on the hit list for review which will severely constrain productivity in Queensland as investment in road infrastructure is crucial to the prosperity and growth of our state. It stimulates employment opportunities and drives economic growth, a fact that has been clearly overlooked.

To enhance driver safety and guidance on navigating Cunningham’s Gap, QTA worked with TMR to produce a set of practical conversational style videos now hosted on YouTube on the intricacies of driving on this piece of infrastructure.

The First on Scene Project was rolled out this year which saw face-to-face training take place around Queensland.

The project will continue with the development of a Toolbox Training Resource and an online video learning campaign in 2024.

Bill Manton, right, congratulates Kevin Mathieson (Russell Transport) after completing the HV Driver Safety Program.

As part of the project a practical Glovebox Guide was also developed which will be distributed more widely with the Toolbox Talk Resources.

The Heavy Vehicle Safe Drivers Program commenced and will continue into 2024. This has  successfully injected some newly trained job-ready drivers into fleets around Queensland.

Next year will also see our new innovative Think. Act. Drive project commence using an online gamified learning platform to support drivers to manage behaviours and reactions that impact safety.

Achieving a reduction to the commencement age to 17 of the HV Driver Apprenticeship was a big gain for industry. Increasing awareness on the career opportunities was also a big focus this year with our Get In2 Transport and Logistics Program in North Queensland and Southern Downs Region.

The inclusion of career guidance school staff in tours proved to be valuable to open eyes to the roles available in the industry.

A huge highlight of the year was the QTA Road Freight Industry Awards that attracted over 450 guests and the announcement of our 2023 Industry Award Winners.

With a Queensland State Election in October 2024, we will be working hard on our Election Advocacy Priorities that will focus on roads infrastructure investment, continue to expand access to improve productivity, employment standards and sustainability.

The QTA’s 2024 events will include our Annual Breakfast re-branded to Diversity in Transport on March 6, QTA Platinum Partner Golf Day June 7, and Road Freight Industry Awards on September 21, 2024.

We welcome you to join us and go into 2024 with the confidence you have a part of a leading industry association that genuinely represents road freight, provides specialist employment relations service and offers personal support by experienced staff that know the industry.

To find out more, or to contact us – visit qta.com.au

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