Big Rigs writer showcases adventures on new YouTube channel


A few months ago a friend of mine who ran a successful international press agency for decades suggested I should set up a YouTube channel with videos of events I have covered around Australia.

Numerous truck drivers had previously offered me similar advice because of the diversity of characters and people I came across at random, or have contacts for.

Indeed, many of the driver profiles I have done for Big Rigs over many years have received lots of feedback.

A lot of the feedback received indicates many people like the genuine Australiana content and because what I do is not partaken by many others.

So, just over a month ago I started recording video footage of many subjects including some about the road transport industry and drivers for my new YouTube channel called Alf’s Aussie Adventures.

At the current time I have 13 videos posted on various subjects and there are many more to come in the weeks and months ahead including from my travels around Queensland, NSW and Tasmania.

Every person I meet has a story to tell and you never know just how interesting most are until you yarn to them.

The most viewed video so far was about me feeding hungry and aggressive ducks on the banks of the Derwent River in Tasmania at Hobart.

It had more than 1100 views and is still rising. Another is about pigs drinking beer. Yet another focuses on how I clothe myself for less that $100 a year. Another which viewers found humorous was about drivers not being able to find toilets while on trips.

Videos soon to be posted will be about various rest areas, spooky stop-offs, and lots of other things which I feel will be of interested to drivers.

Click here to check it out, and while you’re there please subscribe for a cavalcade of entertainment soon.

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