FleetWEIGH launches first all-in-one Smart OBM system

FleetWEIGH is set to capture the attention of the heavy vehicle industry with the launch of the industry first-ever ALL-IN-ONE FleetWEIGH solution, dual certified telematics and Smart OBM system.

FleetWEIGH is a TCA type-approved innovative Smart OBM solution for suspension trucks and trailers. This groundbreaking mass management system showcases easy to install, reliable Bluetooth and weight sensor technology for seamless integration with real time in-cabin visibility, plus remote monitoring by back office teams.

FleetWEIGH was developed in partnership with Trail-Link, SKT Technologies and WHG, bringing together market leaders, drawing on expertise to launch the innovative product. Designed to be robust for rigorous trucking environments, it allows for the display of truck weight on smart devices, ensuring safe and compliant weights. The push towards digitisation and enhanced functionality in fleet management has grown, and FleetWEIGH caters to this demand with its advanced features.

TCA approvals

FleetWEIGH meets Transport Certification Australia’s (TCA) rigorous type-approval process that involves a comprehensive assessment of the device against the performance-based requirements in the Telematics Device Functional and Technical Specification and On-Board Mass System Functional and Technical Specification.

FleetWEIGH is the first TCA certified Smart OBM system with embedded telematics monitoring for use in conjunction with the Telematics Monitoring Application, eliminating the need for multiple systems and needing to manage multiple suppliers. You now have a one-stop-shop, saving you time and money.

FleetWEIGH is a TCA type-approved innovative Smart OBM solution for suspension trucks and trailers.

Satya Parikh, WHG’s service manager, remarks, “FleetWEIGH is not just a product; it’s a revolution in fleet and mass management. Offering real-time data on loads and weights, it ensures that both drivers and fleet managers are always informed, ensuring compliance and enhancing operational efficiency.”

Addressing the need for a Smart OBM system, especially when mandated by road managers or regulators, FleetWEIGH was conceptualised and designed. FleetWEIGH’s app and In-Cab Driver Display allows the driver to monitor real-time axle loads in-cabin or on a smart device with integrated telematics reporting and monitoring.

FleetWEIGH envisions a future where fleet management is simplified, efficient, and fully digitised. FleetWEIGH is a significant stride towards that vision, reflecting a commitment to providing solutions that matter. With FleetWEIGH, customers are assured of quality, reliability, and unparalleled support.

Ready to weigh into a new journey of efficiency and compliance? Chat with the FleetWEIGH team today.


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