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All clear for truckies on Cunningham’s Gap during busy freight period


Truckies will only experience intermittent delays traversing Cunningham’s Gap during the busy holiday freight periods, promises Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR).

In a bulletin sent out to industry today, TMR reminded operators that on the Cunningham Highway between Tregony and Mount Edwards, there are currently no restrictions associated with the Cunningham’s Gap Reconstruction Project requiring heavy vehicles to travel at night.

“This means, since the project began, there has been no changes to as-of-right general access heavy vehicles through to the heavy vehicle configuration type Performance Based Standard Level 2B,” the notice stated.

“The project has now been in operation for 12 months and TMR is pleased to report to the heavy vehicle industry that to date, there have been no closures at the Gap, with minor intermittent project delays of up to 15 minutes required for stop/slow traffic control requirements.

“The project is currently operating with reduced traffic impacts for the busy end-of-year freight period between December 8, 2023 through to January 28, 2024. This means that no stop/slow traffic control will be implemented during this period.”

Over Size Over Mass (OSOM) Class 1 vehicle combinations up to 4.5m in width can travel during daylight hours through the project site.

Under the existing National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) and TMR requirements, OSOM vehicle combinations exceeding 4.5m in width are already required to travel at night on this road section; this condition is unrelated to the project.

To find out if further impact to OSOM travel conditions apply at any time, click here. The project updates TMR’s Conditions of Operations Database.

“TMR has undertaken, and continues to undertake, extensive consultation with the heavy vehicle industry, including the Queensland Trucking Association (QTA). This includes developing industry educational videos in partnership with the QTA.”

A map of the final project design has been prepared and is available on the project website.

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