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Reader Rigs: All the best Rigs of the Month in 2023

Here at Big Rigs, we love seeing the trucks our readers are driving and the beautiful destinations across the country that you are lucky enough to visit.

That’s why we share snaps of Reader Rigs on our Facebook page and website every day, and the best photos also get shared in our print editions.

Every month we pick a truck to win the illustrious title of Rig of the Month, with the winner taking home a $500 Shell Coles Express Gift Card.

As we near the end of 2023, we thought it was the perfect time to take a look back at all the deserving winners we had this year.

If you would like to be in the running to win Rig of the Month, keep your eyes peeled for our Pic of the Day on our Facebook page and share your own picture with a brief note about where it was taken, or email

Keep those amazing truck pics coming!


Jamie Neville sent us this fantastic pic – heading to Lyndhurst via the Strzelecki Track, as lightning strikes.


Wayne Rogerson was our next winner for this great morning shot, snapped while west of Southern Cross, WA.


Josh Rigney was our March winner thanks to this amazing pic, taken on the Barrier Hwy between Yunta and Mannahill.


Dave Hely was our April winner for this cool pic, snapped while loading timber out of Gurnang Forrest in NSW.


Milly MC got herself a $500 Shell Cole Express Gift Card for this fantastic photo of Ozzy from National Heavy Haulage at the Olive Downs Mine in Queensland.


Aaron Fuller was our June winner for this great shot, snapped while tipping off at sunset.


Michael Roels sent in this amazing sunrise shot, snapped in Gurnang, NSW.


Timothy Smith caught our eye with this sunrise shot, snapped at a rest area in Parkesbourne, New South Wales.


Adam Mello sent us this striking shot, snapped while admiring the view at the Great Australian Bight.


Kev Cameron was our October winner with this snap, taken while loading barley near Boree Creek, NSW. 


Bryant Day snapped this ripper shot with Uluru in the background.


Colin Reid sent us this epic shot, snapped while running quads down the Flinders Highway in Queensland.

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