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Overtaking on the uphill climb at Cunningham’s Gap

Driver trainer Bill Manton talks about the considerations that need to be made before overtaking at Cunningham’s Gap.

In the video, which is part of a series designed to help truck drivers navigate the steep ascent and descent of Cunningham’s Gap on the Cunningham Highway in Queensland, Manton is steering a Wickham Freightlines’ Kenworth.

Beside him in the passenger seat is TMR’s principal program advisor for the South Coast region, Nicholas Lancashire.

While travelling up the steep ascent, Manton explains, “We have a slow vehicle ahead. Yes I could go out to the right hand lane and overtake him if I was in a hurry – but I’m not in a hurry today.

“The whole thing is, if you’re going up here, the biggest thing is patience.

“If you come up on slower vehicles and you’re loaded, you’re up on your weights, just back off, drop it out a gear and get your revs up,” he said. “It’s not a race.”

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