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VIDEO: Scary close call as caravan pulls out in front of road train

While travelling along the Eyre Highway, this driver had a frightening close call, as a caravan pulled out right in front of him.

Johnno, who runs the popular YouTube channel Road Train Adventures, which documents his travels across the country, captured the footage while travelling through Kimba in South Australia.

Johnno decided to share the footage because he says this sort of thing just keeps happening over and over again.

This particular incident happened in a 50km/h zone and Johnno had two trailers behind him.

But luckily Johnno saw the caravan coming. “There’s a give way sign there and surely he could see me – but for some reason, he just pulled out like he had plenty of time,” said Johnno.

“It happened quickly; but what I do if I make a mistake is I put my hand up to show that yes, I understand you, but he just took off. He was obviously thinking he just needed to get out of there.”

Johnno added that this sort of thing keeps happening over and over again. “The problem is that with some cars, when you come up behind them, they brake, causing the truck driver to really brake hard. If there’s a truck or car coming up behind you, accelerate, don’t brake!

“One thing people don’t realise is that when you’re loaded you can quite often stop quicker than if you are empty because the brakes don’t just skid, they lock on.”

While Johnno was able to avoid a collision, some truck drivers haven’t been so lucky. Just three weeks ago, he came across a truckie with significant damage to his prime mover and spoke to him to hear about what had happened.

“Half his prime mover was torn off – from the front steer all the way to the AdBlue tank and there was a hole in fuel tank too. He told me there was a caravan on the edge of the road and it pulled out to do a u-turn just as he was coming through,” explained Johnno, who had a simple message to caravanners and other road users who share the road with trucks.

“Look twice before moving out of an intersection and onto the road. If people were to look properly, they wouldn’t pull out in front of us. Nobody does this on purpose,” he said.

“It’s also about driver education. Most people get their licence under basic learning and then they don’t know how to handle certain situations. When things like this happen, they don’t know what to do.”

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  1. the men with the big uts and the caverns Should be smart and let the truck go first in this situiation it takes longer for the truck with X2 trailers/ the Road Train to be able to come to a stop its not a car that you can slow down and stop it takes time for the truck and trailers to brake/ Stop so the guy or women in the ute obiously is a high maintaince person or just a dickhead. if you see this Road Train Adventences sorry for what happened to ya i hate seeing these videos of people cuttiing infront of doing stupid stuff in the drivers “Blind Spots” people should respect Truck Drivers for what they Do.

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