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Government announces $178m boost for transport in WA

The Cook Labor government has announced a funding boost for transport in regional Western Australia with an additional $178 million for a wide range of initiatives.

$132 million in state funding will be provided for four road projects that had Federal funding removed under a recent review of the nation’s infrastructure pipeline.

These include $48 million for the Moorine Rock to Mt Holland Road Upgrades, $48 million for the Marble Bar Road Upgrade, $29.6 million to continue planning for the Pinjarra Heavy Haulage Deviation project and $6.4 million for the Great Southern Secondary Freight.

A further $4.1 million is being committed to extend the Driving Access and Equity Program, which helps disadvantaged learner drivers in regional Western Australia to get their driver’s licence.

Another $8.3 million will be invested to increase the financial support for regional families getting kids to and from school, with the Student Transport Conveyance Allowance increasing from 25.24c per kilometre to 55.6c per kilometre.

The conveyance allowance is in place to support students with special needs and regional families who cannot access the Public Transport Authority’s School Bus Services.

An additional $34 million is going towards safety upgrades at regional level crossings. This includes $17 million from the Federal Government’s Regional Australia Level Crossing Safety Program.

Transport minister Rita Saffioti said: “We know access to affordable and reliable travel options is essential to regional and remote communities, which is why we continue to invest in measures that have a meaningful impact.

“The additional investment we are making will enhance transport for regional and remote communities by improving access to drivers’ licences, increasing the financial assistance to get kids to and from school and delivering significant safety upgrades at regional level crossings.

“The Government is delivering on its commitment to projects that had funding cut by the Federal Government as part of its review of the nation’s infrastructure pipeline.

“The State Government will provide an additional $132 million to continue four road projects that had funding cut as part of the Federal IAP review, delivering on our commitment to seeing these projects delivered.”



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