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Increased freight capacity on newly built bridge

While the previous bridge had a load limit of 42.5 tonnes, there will be no load limits in place on a newly opened replacement bridge along this regional freight route.

A new $4.9 million bridge has opened on Girgarre-Rushworth Road between Stanhope and Rushworth in Victoria, improving connectivity and reducing travel times for the region’s freight operators and farmers.

The declining condition of the old bridge, built in 1977, led to load limits being put in place.

Now however, the new and stronger bridge, which crosses the Waranga Western Channel, will allow trucks and other heavy vehicles over 42.5 tonnes to return to Girgarre-Rushworth Road.

Among those to benefit is the Fonterra cheese plant at Stanhope, one of the region’s major dairy companies, with the new bridge making it easier for trucks to get to and from the site.

Crews have also constructed new abutments to support the new bridge, installed safety barriers on the approach to prevent run-off-road collisions and constructed new sections of road leading up to the bridge.

“Work is now complete on a new and stronger bridge on Girgarre-Rushworth Road reducing travel times for heavy vehicle drivers travelling in northern Victoria,” said Minister for Ports and Freight Melissa Horne.

“Freight keeps our economy moving, providing industries and consumers with access to the products they need and want – and connects Victorian producers with the rest of Australia and the world.”

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