Oversize overmass truck operators told to stay put in Far North District

Oversize overmass (OSOM) operators are being asked to stay parked up in Far North Queensland as the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) continues to assess the damage done by ex-Tropcial Cyclone Jasper.

Most state-controlled roads in the region are affected by flooding and landslides and while TMR carries out inspections and repairs to re-open roads for light vehicles and ‘as of right’ heavy vehicles, OSOM vehicles are not permitted, unless directly assisting with flood recovery activities.

The restrictions are effective immediately and are expected to end at 11.59pm on January 7, 2024.

OSOM movements associated with disaster recovery activities will be permitted on some roads under special circumstances.

Operators will be required to apply for a permit through the NHVR Portal and provide evidence of direct flood recovery support contracted through a Queensland Government agency.

Operators who are “activated” for disaster recovery activities are being asked to follow the below steps to gain an exemption permit:

  • Apply for a permit via the NHVR portal.
  • Provide supporting evidence the load is required for disaster recovery activities.

The TMR directive comes after an oversize low loader tried to negotiate Gillies Range Road earlier this week, only to slip off the edge on a bend, closing one lane.

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