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‘Some of the roads are dirt and the truck handles them well’

Veteran driver Graham Gunn, 64, walked into the Ouse Roadhouse in Tasmania and parked his flashy Iveco 4×4 across the road.

Gunn works for Tas Networks as a roving linesman and travels all around the state.

“I am employed by this power company and really love it,” he said.

Gunn likes the Iveco which he said travels over some rough roads off the main highways.

“I have to follow the transmission lines and some of the roads are dirt and even clay and the Iveco handles them well,” he said.

Tasmanian born, Gunn likes stopping at the Ouse Roadhouse and an eatery called Fraggle’s in Launceston.

Outside his job, Gunn loves fishing for trout around the Tassie lakes and also barracks for Collingwood in the AFL. He also follows the Penrith Panthers in the rival NRL. Both won the premiership in 2023.

“I was really happy with those results,” he said.

It was a pleasure to yarn to Gunn who has a wealth of knowledge about Tasmania.

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