Truckie’s actions in averting bridge sparks heated debate online

The driver of an overheight truck has avoided disaster on the approach to Footscray’s Napier Street Bridge. While some have criticised these actions, others have leapt to the driver’s defence.

In a video shared on social media by the Maribyrnong Truck Action Group (MTAG) – a local community group campaigning to reduce the amount of trucks in Melbourne’s inner-west – the narrator begins the clip by saying, “Trucks and truck routes in Footscray, it will never cease to surprise us,” with footage showing the truck stopped on the opposite side of the road with its hazard lights on.

He continued, “Here’s a truck that was heading down towards Napier Street Bridge, realised it was going to hit the bridge, so it’s simply driven across the median strip and stopped on the other side of the road with oncoming traffic coming. Classic, absolute classic.”

The bridge in question has a low clearance of 4.0 metres and has been at the centre of numerous incidents over the years – among the most recent of which occurred on November 24, where a truck hit the bridge, leaving all inbound lanes closed to traffic for several hours.

The MTAG video received a flurry of interaction, with over 740 reactions to the post, along with 290 comments and over 80 shares – and counting.

“Beats hitting the bridge…” said one commenter.

“Looks to me driver has stopped in a turning lane to sort things out without causing major problems, only minor but this clown is making it a massive issue, guessing he doesn’t want trucks on the road how you get stuff to shops mate,” said another.

While another added, “Firstly he messed up not knowing the road but at least he had enough brains to not keep going and brains to pull up in the middle instead of blocking the cluttered roads.”

Others suggested road closures and roadworks could be another possible contributing factor to these sorts of incidents.

“So many roads closed and detours around Footscray, it’s a nightmare,” said one.

Another suggested, “Here’s a thought… with all the road works n detours, which by the way are NOT signed, once you are detoured, in place around your precious neighbourhood, why don’t you offer your time to help direct the trucks around, so we don’t get to low level bridges. You would only need to start at 7.00pm n be in bed by 5.00am!”


  1. Why aren’t high loads warned of low bridges at their previous traffic lights so that they can divert , why find out at the last moment that the bridge is too low ?
    Bridge heights should be programmed into everyone’s GPS by Vic Roads to also warn of delays during road repairs

  2. I have worked for 12years at a “Truckies Roadhouse “ on the Calder Freeway half between Bendigo and Melbourne. We now close the kitchen earlier because the trucks don’t stop like they used to before COVID. The drivers put ovens and the like in their trucks. There are clean toilets and showers. Meals are an amazing price and all home cooked style.

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