Ampol cleans up its act at Cobar after truckies raise concerns


Truckies have had a win at Ampol Foodary in Cobar, NSW, after raising concerns with Big Rigs and Senator Glenn Sterle over the “disgusting” state of the toilets and showers.

Sterle is thrilled to report on his Facebook page today that Ampol sent him photos from the site showing a remarkable transformation.

“Ampol advises me that there are a few more tasks scheduled for today such as the replacing and fixing of any broken tiles and some painting,” writes Sterle.

“Additionally, the installation of a new urinal will take place when the replacement unit arrives.”

All toilets and showers are functioning and have been cleaned.

All toilets and showers are now functioning and have also been cleaned.

“I want to thank the drivers who brought this matter to my attention as well as Ampol management who were very responsive to my queries.

“I am pleased that my campaign to clean up roadhouses for our truckies is still delivering results after starting it just under three years ago.

“As always, if you come across any other sites that are in need of some care and action, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.”

In a statement provided to Big Rigs earlier this week in reponse to our story about the sub-standard conditions, Ampol said it was working to address the issues with its facilities.

“Ampol recognises that our Foodary site in Cobar is not up to our usual standards we expect of our retail network.

“Over the last six weeks, we have undertaken work to address the issues with the amenities.

“All toilets and showers are now operational, and we have commenced further maintenance to ensure we continue to deliver for our customers and commuters.”

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