Daimler Truck makes changes to management structure

Daimler Truck has introduced changes to its management structure that it says will reflect its singular focus on customers. 

The local arm of Daimler Truck is now arranged as a fully integrated brand-agnostic structure, with no division along the brand lines of Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Freightliner and Fuso.

There are no longer vice presidents of each brand, though many of the key leadership positions remain the same, including president and CEO Daniel Whitehead.  

Instead, former Mercedes-Benz Trucks Australia Pacific vice president, Andrew Assimo, is now the Daimler Truck Australia Pacific vice president, Sales and Marketing, covering all three brands. 

Likewise, Freightliner Australia Pacific’s former vice president, Stephen Downes, is now the vice president, Service, Product, Vehicle Processing Centre and Elite Support. 

Meanwhile Alex Müller, who was previously Fuso Truck and Bus Australia vice president, has taken on a Special Projects role for the company. 

Fuso continues as a separate entity in New Zealand, where it is managed by Keith Andrews Trucks (KAT), working in tandem with Daimler Trucks Australia Pacific. 

Whitehead said the decision to change the management structure of Daimer Truck was taken after receiving feedback from its customers and dealers.  

He said addressing brand fragmentation and serving customers with one face will lead to a better customer experience.  

“It’s the best-practice model of the Daimler Truck organization globally and it is also the way that most of our leading dealerships are structured, so we are confident our customers will really benefit from the change,” he said.  


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