Caravan drivers reminded to share road and rest stops with truckies

The NHVR has reminded caravanners of the importance of sharing the road and rest stops with truckies this summer.  

A recent survey carried out by the regulators revealed that caravan drivers don’t have a good understanding of how to share the road with trucks.  

The results showed that 60 per cent of caravanners have parked in a truck-specific rest area at some point, and 22 per cent are doing so often. 

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto said it is important for caravanners to understand that trucks need specific rest areas to manage their fatigue work and rest requirements.  

“While 66 per cent of Australians surveyed are currently aware that they shouldn’t use these truck rest spaces, they don’t understand the implications or the why – and the consequences can be devastating.  

“Fatigue is one of the leading factors that affect safety and heavy vehicle crashes, and when fatigue management requirements aren’t adhered to, there can be serious consequences for all road users.” 

The survey also highlighted caravanners’ uncertainty about communicating with truck drivers on the road, with only half of caravanners aware that they can and should use their UHF radio to do so. 

“Using a UHF radio, if available, is vital for communicating with heavy vehicle drivers, to let them know you are going to overtake them, or so they can let you know when they’re going to overtake you,” Petroccitto added.  

NHVR Executive Director of Corporate Affairs Michelle Tayler said comedian Jimmy Rees is helping to spread the message to caravanners as part of the regulators’ ongoing We All Need Space campaign.  

“As a dad who likes caravanning during the school holidays, he has seen all sorts of drivers out there, especially when towing something heavy,” she said.  

“The videos provide an important safety message in a way that resonates with the average caravanners.” 


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