Truckie asked to film himself for job application shares hilarious video

Perth truckie Greg Ross has driven road trains with up to five trailers for over 12 years, so when he recently applied for a job as an MC driver, he hoped his experience would speak for itself.  

Ross was browsing job site Seek when a role driving triple road trains for a local liquid waste management company caught his eye.  

Advertised via labour hire company Category 5 Labour Management, Ross submitted his application for the job and went about his business.  

Until the next day, he received an email from Category 5 asking him if he would like to make a 60-second video to complement his application.  

A baffled Ross said he thought the request was a “joke” at first.  

“I visualised a meeting of HR people thinking, ‘Wow! How would it be like if we got them to do a video!’” he laughed.  

“I thought about the video request over a couple of wines, all the time, thinking ‘F**k me! They want years of road train experience, but really what presses their buttons is a video!’ 

“I woke the next morning, thinking, ‘I’ll have some fun with this! I just can’t take it seriously.’” 

Ross and his wife decided to make a joke video entitled “Greg Ross – Road Train Driver Extraordinaire!” showing off the various “skills” that make him an asset to the labour market.  

These include “waste management” (picking up after his dog) “moving bulk oils” (dragging a bottle of olive oil around his garden in a wheelbarrow) and taking orders (from his wife).  

“My wife and I spent half a morning being stupid – the dog’s applied for payment as an actor,” he joked.  

“It’s just a bit of fun at a time when the bullsh*t seems to be getting out of hand.” 

Ross said he never heard back about the job, and when he checked the job advertisement on Seek again, the mention of submitting a video was nowhere to be seen.

Big Rigs has reached out to Category 5 Labour Hire for comment but has not yet received a response.  

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