Heavy vehicle inspection station dilemmas

inspection station

Spy hears of a Victorian driver who was pulled over at a heavy vehicle inspection station at Port Augusta in SA for a log book, licence and truck safety check.

He was told by the scalie that he should relax as the inspection would take some time.

“I was heading to my sleeper box to do just that – relax – and was ordered by the officer not to do so,” he said.

The reason was the officer indicated that “it was illegal to get into a sleeper box during a fatigue inspection detection.”

The truckie said the officer told him not be a smart and just to wait until the inspection was completed.

He followed the instruction not wanting to receive a breach from the officer for something minor.

In the final analysis the truckie passed the inspection with flying colours but would like to hear from any other driver who has also faced such a dilemma.

At an inspection station in another state, a driver who was stopped told an officer he was “busting for a piddle” and requested the use of a toilet at the venue.

“I was denied access to the station toilet and was told it was for use of officers and not drivers or members of the public,” he said.

This proved to be a ‘wee problem’ for the truckie who certainly didn’t want to piddle his pants, as the old saying goes.

So to relieve himself, the truckie walked over to the side of the station near some bush and proceeded to have his call of nature with his back towards the officer.

“One came over and told me I could be given a ticket for piddling in a public place,” he said.

At that stage the driver just wanted to finish and soon after spoke to some officers.

Common sense prevailed and the driver wasn’t charged.

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