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Meet SRT Logistics driver Damien Bryant


Damien Bryant had stopped at a pull off area beside the Arthur Highway along the Tasman Peninsula when I saw him.

The 40-year-old Bryant works for SRT Logistics which is based at Brighton and was delivering food in a Scania.

“I am taking food to the IGA store at Nubeena and have been a driver for eight years,” he said.

Nubeena is a scenic town beside a river and is the location for many family owned transport companies which have served the community for decades.

That IGA store is owned by Josi Cowen who also runs the Ouse Roadhouse which is along the Lyell Highway in south west Tassie.

Bryant said one road he finds challenging to get along is called Fingerpost and is located between Campania and Orielton.

Outside work he enjoys playing golf and used to be a handy cricketer when he was younger and still enjoys watching it on the box.

“I play at the Bagdad Golf Club and have a handicap of 15,” he said.

Bryant said he doesn’t mind the cold weather in Tasmania but added that the previous day it required extra rugging up.

“Snow fell at parts of Tasmania including on the mountain at Hobart,” he said.

Later that afternoon I saw Bryant and his Scania in Hobart as they were returning to base after a hard day’s work.

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