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Following in the footsteps of his inspiring truckie dad

In our new Truckies Through Ararat series, local photographer Darryl Edwards catches up with Riordan Fuels’ Danny White for a chat.

Darryl: Thanks for joining me in the new year Danny. How long have you been driving trucks for?

Danny: Thirteen years ago I started my driving career, driving a rubbish truck, slowly working my way up in the industry.

Darryl: Gotta start somewhere! What is your current truck?

Danny: I’m currently driving a Kenworth T659 towing a set of Tieman A-double tankers, carting diesel across Victoria and southern New South Wales.

Darryl: What got you into the industry? Did you grow up around it, or was it something you always wanted to do?

Danny: I’ve always been in love with the transport industry. I’ve grown up with my dad being an interstate truck driver. He spent 37 years in the industry until his health forced him to retire.

Darryl: Do you have a favourite roadhouse and what is your go-to feed?

Danny: I am a fan of a good bakery. I can’t go past Elmore bakery or Sharp’s Bakery in Birchip for a good feed.

Darryl: Aagh yes, the home of the amazing Sharps Vanilla slice!

Darryl: What would your advice be to the next generation?

Danny: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There is a lot of knowledge in this industry. You are always learning, always challenge yourself.

Darryl: What does Danny do away from the job?

Danny: Not much time to wind down, but when I have the chance I enjoy loading up the caravan and dirt bike, and enjoying some time in the bush.

Darryl: And finally mate, what would your dream truck be?

Danny: I was 11 In 1995, when Dad bought a brand new T900, which he owned for about three years. Everything about this truck was cool. Currently this truck is owned by the Klos bros, but I always dream about bringing it back home.

Darryl: Danny, you’ve been great to chat to, thanks for your time and I’ll see you in town again soon.

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