NHVR delivers a national first with network map

network map

With the start of 2024 well and truly upon us, I’m pleased to be able to say the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is continuing to redefine industry standards, following the release of the National Network Map.

Designed to improve heavy vehicle access efficiency and decision-making, this innovative new tool is a milestone not only for our organisation, but the broader heavy vehicle industry.

In delivering the National Network Map, the NHVR has delivered a national first for the heavy vehicle industry.

The new map represents a leap forward in harmonisation, bringing together state-based maps and displaying them in one central location, for the first time.

The National Network Map empowers industry to plan journeys across state and territory borders for their entire fleet, and its features provide a solution to the needs and challenges of the heavy vehicle sector.

We have worked closely with our jurisdictional partners, including South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and the Australian Capital Territory, to transition their networks and achieve this important outcome.

By transitioning these networks across to the NHVR Portal, we have created a single-entry point for industry to access their heavy vehicle related information.

The map also provides several additional key benefits for industry, including the ability to search and view available networks for more than 1000 heavy vehicle configurations, improved cross border access planning, and providing real time changes to road networks to ensure availability of the most accurate network access information.

Other benefits include an easily identifiable view of approved, conditional or restricted routes using a traffic light colour scheme, and map layers that can be turned on and off to identify rest areas, height restrictions and road disruptions.

Not only does the map benefit industry and road managers, but also the NHVR’s Safety and Compliance Officers (SCOs), who are able to use the map in their dealings with operators.

Using the National Network Map, our SCOs can check a vehicle’s route or location, and provide the driver with education regarding the correct routes they are permitted to travel on, no matter which state they are travelling in.

A huge amount of work has been undertaken to get to this stage, and I’m pleased the NHVR can continue delivering technology upgrades that ensure a safer and more efficient heavy vehicle industry.

I look forward to updating you as we continue to refine and enhance this technology as the year progresses.

The National Network Map is available on the NHVR website or through the NHVR Portal.

  • Sal Petroccitto is the CEO of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.

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