Frustrations escalate in long-running servo parking feud, says witness


A long-running battle between local drivers and interstate truckies for parking space at a busy SA servo has spilled over with someone taking matters into their own hands, says a Big Rigs readers who witnessed the results himself.

Our source says he arrived at the popular bp Wingfield site in north Adelaide earlier this week to discover that around 20 local trucks had flat tyres. He also spoke to a “tyre man” who confirmed the message had been delivered to locals as he was busy trying to get one of their trucks back on the road.

“I don’t think any of the tyres had been damaged, but I’m guessing someone is fed up with not being able to get parking there,” the driver said.

“It has been a growing problem with more and more trucks and trailers being parked there by local operators.

“There is a couple of companies I have seen operating several trucks out of that location. All of which are parked there after the drivers shift and they go home.

“Meanwhile, long-distance drivers can’t get a park to be able to have a feed and a shower.”

That sentiment was echoed by scathing recent reviews of the site on Google.

“I’m a interstate truck driver,” the truckie wrote about Wingfield just a week ago.

“Every time I come in here, it doesn’t matter what time of the day or night, it is hard to get a parking spot. They are all taken up by locals dropping trailers and trucks, then going home, leaving no where for interstate drivers to get fuel and rest up. BP needs to do something about it.”

“What a joke,” wrote another truckie four months ago.

“I pulled in with an oversize load. I thought I was driving into someone’s depo. The place was mainly full of local trucks and local trailers dropped there,

“I couldn’t get a park so didn’t bother filling up there, well that was $2700 you missed out on.”

A bp spokesperson said they had reviewed CCTV footage and didn’t see any evidence of anyone tampering with truck tyres this week.

When Big Rigs asked if bp was aware of any parking issues for interstate truckies at the site, a spokesperson said the safety of all customers and staff is “our top priority on site”.

“Ensuring that truck drivers have access to parking for their compulsory rest periods is an issue impacting many sites across the country,” the spokesperson said.

“bp is managing these issues on a site-by-site basis and asks that truck drivers are shown the respect they deserve by allowing them access to the rest areas.”

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