Captain Cook Highway reopens ofter tropical cyclone damage

tropical cyclone

The Captain Cook Highway between Buchans Point and Oak Beach has reopened after major recovery and repair efforts following ex-Tropical Cyclone Jasper.

The reopening allows freight and other critical supplies to move between Cairns and Port Douglas. Several single-lane sections of the road will remain under traffic control.

In order to reopen this significantly impacted part of the Captain Cook Highway, recovery crews had to clear a large number of landslips and remove significant amounts of mud and debris.

All of the smaller slips have been cleared with about 75 per cent of the larger slips cleared and ready for stabilisation activities if required.

A total of 48 water structures (culverts) were either blocked with debris or required emergency repairs, with emergency works undertaken on about 70 per cent of the culverts so far.

Road users are advised to expect some delays due to traffic control in single lane sections of the Captain Cook Highway and are reminded to check for the latest road updates.

Separately, works to construct a temporary single-lane access on the critical freight route Palmerston Highway between Crawfords Lookout and Junction Road are progressing.

The Palmerston Highway sustained significant damage including major pavement slips. While the temporary single-lane route will restore access, repairs to the highway are expected to take an extended period of time.

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