Operator issues warning after fuel thieves strike again near Gilgandra


Truckies are being warned to be on guard against fuel thieves operating in the Gilgandra region of NSW.

Nolan’s Interstate Transport posted a shot on the Facebook group On the Pads QLD EDITION this week showing how the brazen thieves are operating.

In the post showing a picture of one of the fleet parked up south of Gilgandra, Nolans said it was the third time fuel had been stolen from one of its trucks.

“Left their hose behind this time,” read the post with the photo.

“Parking at the back of trailers and running hose up the side. Just wanting to make others aware.”

Road Freight NSW CEO Simon O’Hara said reports of fuel theft from truckies and freight operators have increased over the past 18 months, including for the Gilgandra to Moree stretch.

“Additionally, at times during the night some truckies have been concerned for their safety,” O’Hara said.

“Some of our members in NSW have reported theft of fuel but also liquor from their trailers at rest stops while truckies are taking rest. The theft of the liquor appears well organised.

“Opportunistic theft across the board seems to have risen since the end of Covid.”

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  1. Hey sorry to hear about this, hope someone catches them and takes them to jail or at least Questions them, they should know not to steal stuff or fuel or anything they obviously are too lazy to get their own fuel so when they saw the Truck they went stupid mode and took some petrol again sorry to hear this but hope the driver has got enough to go through the day and night at least to go out and get back to the deppo. I want to Drive the Big Rigs myself i have worked at Emerald carrying company & Followmont Transport E.C.C. paid & non paid FMT no pay but i have except for truck washing and trailers i have learnt some new skills like taking off and on mudflaps Etc. my preference is Kenworth or western Star. I have a few friends that drive the GrainCarriers,FuelTankers, & the General Freight aswell which i have gone and gone into QBT or GrainCorp with them or fuel station. Im doing my Leaners test online then im gonna work on the Licences to get the MC Licence. anyways hope you guys find them or someone else like metioned abit before take care stay safe stay strong

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