Servo kitchen closed due to roof damage

The manager of Caltex Warwick on the Cunningham Highway in Queensland has updated truckies that the servo’s kitchen is currently closed due to damage to the roof.  

Jonathon Kerr apologised for the inconvenience, telling Big Rigs that he hopes to have someone out to fix the roof this week. 

“It is unsafe for the staff to be working in there, should something happen while they are on shift,” he said. 

“We have someone coming out this week – tomorrow if possible – to have a look at it and hopefully we will be reopened for business as usual. 

“I know this can be very frustrating to all, but please bear in mind I am doing all I can to get this fixed promptly.”  

The kitchen has already been closed for the past week, but Kerr assured truck drivers that the facilities are still open for their use, and fuel, pre-packaged snacks and drinks are available for purchase. 

He thanked truckies for their support and said he hopes they will continue to drop in to Caltex Warwick when they’re on the road. 

“We have some exciting new items coming to hotbox as well very soon and our fresh sandwiches, cakes, salads and other items will be back as soon as the kitchen is safe and sound to work in,” he added.  

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