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Iconic Little Topar Roadhouse closes its doors

The iconic Little Topar Roadhouse on the Barrier Highway in western NSW has closed its doors after over 35 years in business.   

The popular spot was taken over by owner-driver Kym Starkey and his partner Jo Lindsay in 2018, after legendary husband and wife team Colin and Barb Harvey retired.  

The Harveys ran the roadhouse for nearly three decades before handing over the reins, and it had earned a great reputation amongst truckies for its friendly service and good food.  

Yesterday an announcement appeared on the Little Topar Roadhouse’s Facebook page, sharing the news that they would be closing up shop due to challenging trading conditions.  

“Just letting you know we are closing the doors today,” they said.  

“Don’t know for how long.”

Starkey and Lindsay said the decision to close was a difficult one, and they had agonised over it for a long time. 

“As you know, the Barrier Highway has been pretty quiet for months, maybe due to various reasons and it’s not getting any better,” they said.   

“We have been doing it pretty tough for a while. Tougher than we did during Covid.

“Times seem to be changing, less trucks out there and more people are struggling, and it has a flow effect on us.”  

The couple said that their first year of running the roadhouse was great, until Covid hit.  

“Two hard arse years, which knocked us around,” they continued.  

“We stayed open for the drivers, now this, which has hit us harder than Covid.” 

The couple thanked everyone who has supported them over the years.  

“We have met some pretty bloody amazing people and had some awesome nights, great chats and swapped a few stories.” 

 The announcement of the roadhouse’s closure has prompted a huge reaction from disappointed truck drivers. 

“You’ve always been my go-to stop when travelling across there, only a few times a year, always had good fuel prices, great safe spot to set up for the night and good food,” wrote Jim Craig. “You will be missed.”
Kerrin Siebert added: “Thanks Kym and Jo for all you did for us through the Covid times, you ran a great place for all involved in the industry and it’s very disappointing to read this.”
“I’m so sorry to read this,” echoed Wesley Herring. “You had the best feed and atmosphere for hundreds of kilometres!”

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