Where you can catch the 477-tonne superload on the move

Anyone hoping for a glimpse of a 477-tonne superload on its way to Munmorah in NSW this week might be in luck if they head to Wodonga tomorrow, January 30.  

A transport combination measuring approximately 125m long and around 5.8m wide, carrying an enormous power transformer, departed from Wilson Transformer Company in Glen Waverly, Victoria at 10pm on January 27. 

It’s due to arrive at the Waratah BESS Super Battery facility (formerly the coal-fired Munmorah Power Station) on Monday February 5, between 1am and 5am.  

The superload is being moved by Overdimensional Lift & Shift (ODLS), a company based in Dandenong South, Victoria that specialises in heavy and overdimensional haulage.  

Crews spent two weeks in the yard preparing the superload before departure. Image: Roger Knight/Another Dimension

Vaso May, Commercial Manager for ODLS, told Big Rigs that Wodonga might be a good spot for any curious truckspotters to lay their eyes on the superload.

“It’s a nine-day journey in total, with one rest day,” she said.

“The rest day is tomorrow [Tuesday January 30], and the superload will be parked at Wodonga for 24 hours.

“It will be on the Hume Highway, just off the road – or it could even be in the middle of the road, depending on the space that’s there. We do park in between the two carriageways sometimes. 

“Wodonga isn’t very big, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find!”

An aerial shot of the superload on the move. Image: Roger Knight/Another Dimension

A spokesperson for Transport for NSW confirmed the following timings for the route of the superload, sharing some advice for truckies and other road users.  

  • Monday 29 January – Wangaratta to Albury/Wodonga between 10pm and 5am (Tuesday). All traffic will be held for 15 minutes at the Bandiana Link Road just south of the NSW/Victoria border as the load moves through the 1.8 kilometres of contraflow on the Hume Highway.  
  • Wednesday 31 January – Albury/Wodonga to Gundagai between 10pm and 5am (Thursday).  
  • Thursday 1 February – Gundagai to Goulburn between 10pm and 5am (Friday). All southbound traffic will be held for 10 minutes at approximately 11pm as the OSOM load crosses the Murrumbidgee River.  
  • Friday 2 February – Goulburn to Campbelltown between 10pm and 5am (Saturday).  
  • Saturday 3 February – Campbelltown to Mooney Mooney between 11pm and 5am (Sunday).  
  • Monday 5 February – Mooney Mooney to Colongra between 1am and 5am. 

The spokesperson added: “Due to the size and scale of the OSOM load, it will be travelling at significantly reduced speeds.  

“While there will be opportunities to pass the OSOM load under supervision, motorists will experience delays. Please plan your journey in advance and allow extra travel time.” 

Drivers are encouraged to slowdown and exercise caution when approaching or passing the superload, which will be travelling under escort. 

Traffic for NSW recommends that if you see a pilot or escort vehicle, and the OSOM load is approaching you, you should remain calm, reduce your speed, move as far to the left as possible and prepare to stop if necessary, and follow all instructions given by the traffic escort.  

If you are approaching the superload from the rear, slow down and prepare for slow-moving traffic queues.  

“Be patient. You will be given an opportunity to pass or overtake when it is safe,” the spokesperson added.

“Do not risk overtaking without ensuring the road ahead is clear and be prepared for unexpected wind buffeting when overtaking.” 

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