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Do you know a rising star working in rural transport?

If you know someone who is a rising star working in rural transport – handling any task within the industry – you need to get cracking to enter them for one of the sector’s biggest awards.

Entries close on Friday, February 2, for this year’s prestigious Rural Transport Rising Star accolade.

There’s a $5000 cash prize up for grabs, along with a host of other prizes, thanks to Australian Livestock and Rural Transport Association (ALRTA) and our sister publication PowerTorque, with support from bp.

The entry criteria are simple:

  • Entrants must be under 35 years.
  • They must be working in a rural area, or involved in rural transport.
  • They do not need to be a member of an industry association, but need to be nominated by an industry association member.

The winner will be presented at the LRTAQ/ALRTA Combined Conference in Toowoomba on March 21, 2024.

Last year’s winner, Amy Throckmorton, works as an operations manager for TGR Transport in Geelong, running a fleet of company trucks and managing subcontractors.

She says the award is highlighting important issues in the rural transport industry.

“I like the fact that the Rural Transport Rising Star award is going to highlight the fact that we’re an industry that needs new people coming through in lots of different areas ,” Throckmorton said.

“We only highlight truck drivers and you don’t see all the behind the scenes people that may handle things like scheduling. You don’t see the three am ridiculous phone calls, or any of that.

“My partner’s a diesel mechanic and even in that area now you don’t see any young guys coming through to work in that industry. People aren’t coming through as mechanics. It’s scary.”

You can nominate a rising star of the industry for the 2024 Rural Transport Rising Star prize by clicking here.

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