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Flinders Highway section a lot safer now roadworks finished, say truckies


Now that roadworks have been completed on the stretch of the Flinders Highway from the outskirts of Townsville to the approaches of Charters Towers, it is much safer for traffic.

The numerous roadworks had caused severe delays on a route used by many big trucks, including triples and quads.

While that section of the Flinders is about 120km in length, most of it now had a speed limit of 110km/h. That drops to 100km/h on short sections which is the legal speed limit for trucks.

Numerous truckies had told Spy that since the roadworks were finished it was much safer to negotiate, at least on that section.

So, I checked it out twice in mid-January on the way to and from the Goldfield Ashes cricket carnival at Charters Towers.

They were proven correct and it was actually a pleasure to drive along – unlike the old days.

There is a good roadhouse at Calcium about 50km from Townsville and the once notorious Mingela Range section which has claimed many lives due to accidents is wide and has passing lanes.

Just past Mingela, about 47km from Charters Towers, there is a good rest area with parking space for trucks, toilets, and tables and chairs under shade.

Then, up the highway closer to the Towers, is the Burdekin Duck Roadhouse where lots of drivers stop.

Having praised this as much safer these days, I have to qualify this by pointing out that the remainder of the Flinders Highway heading towards Mount Isa is not so good.

Parts of it are rough and up and down, especially between Hughenden and Richmond, and of course there are narrow bridges.

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