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Upcoming pavement impact calculator webinars for road managers

In December 2023, the NHVR launched the Pavement Impact Comparison Calculator (Pavement Calculator), which is designed to help users estimate the vertical pavement loading impacts of heavy vehicles.

It considers various factors like different pavement types, axle configurations, axle masses, tyre sizes, and road-friendly suspension, offering a wide-ranging analysis.

The NHVR says it launched the tool to encourage better decision-making and support the industry and local governments in improving road quality, longevity, and ensuring efficient transport of goods and services across Australia.

“Local governments, responsible for about 77 per cent of the total road length in Australia (678,000 kilometres) face significant challenges in maintaining roads,” said the NHVR.

“This innovative resource, designed for road managers without pavement engineering expertise, allows for more accurate assessment of the impacts of freight vehicles on their infrastructure. It also simplifies asset management and makes the task of road maintenance and rehabilitation more manageable.”

NHVR’s project team will be hosting webinars which will provide an overview of:

  • Why and how the tool was developed.
  • Detail on the selection of source material.
  • The consultation process and next steps.

The webinars will also contain a Q&A component with the project team. Webinars will be held from later this month. Dates, times and further details can be found here.

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