Aussie Pumps ahead of the curve with pump improvements

Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of tanker pumps, Australian Pump Industries, are always seeking product improvements that will help deliver longer, trouble-free pump life.

The company’s engineering team liaised with fleet owners, tanker manufacturers and local government operators to explore ways of improving longevity and overall performance.

“When we delivered the first of our Aussie GMP 3” pumps with both petrol and diesel drive engines, we spec’ed them with big open cast iron impellers, silicon carbide mechanical seals and stainless steel wear plates,” said Aussie Pumps chief engineer, John Hales.

The company also designed a front-mounted clean out port located below the suction port. That enables the pump body to be cleared of blockages in the event of any foreign matter getting into the pump.

High pressure and high flow

To cover applications requiring high flow and high pressure, the company developed two models uniquely designed for each application. The model B3XR-A/ST 3” semi trash pump delivers 1500lpm and offers a total head of around 28 metres. For dust suppression, higher pressures are required. The model G3TMK-A/ST, normally supplied in
hydraulic drive configuration, produces a lower maximum flow rate of 850lpm, but compensates with an amazing 47 metre head (around 65psi)!

“Having a choice of either  high flow or high pressure means we can supply pumps for virtually any water cart application,” said Hales.

The company is now working on designing hydraulic drive 4” self priming pumps with the same features but capable of flows up to 2200lpm and heads as high as 30 metres.

“The whole range self prime and are able to draw water through vertical lifts up to six metres, providing the ability to not only empty the tanker but for fast fill as well,” said Hales.

Further details on the complete tanker pump product package are available from Australian Pump Industries Industrial Division. Visit the website aussiepumps.com.au for more information.

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