How to keep it cool under the hood this summer

The weather bureau predicts a very hot summer ahead. We are now in the middle of another summer and many operators will face the effects of high ambient temperatures, and the resulting high under hood temperature.

The load on vehicle radiators is immense, with air passing through air conditioning condensers then probably through transmission coolers, then air to air inter coolers and then the engine radiators. Once outside air passes through this maze it’s in no fit state to cool anything.

Added to this high output, engines generate a lot of under hood heat, in fact sometimes high enough to boil water in windscreen washer bottles.

Power steering systems will generate 300 watts of heat energy just driving down the highway and normally, the only way to get rid of this heat is via the reservoir or from the steering gear itself.

With high under hood temperatures, the reservoir often absorbs heat rather than getting rid of it to air.

The steering gear is often tucked away behind the bull bar and gets very little cooing air.

The symptoms of high heat are the premature failure of seals in power steering pumps, power steering gears and hydraulic hoses.

Hydrosteer has developed a rugged cooler for steering and other applications. Typically, most are for steering applications.

Hydrosteers sells cooler kits which include fittings and mounting brackets. They don’t supply the hoses, however usually a short additional hose is required for the installation.

The cooler needs to be mounted where it will get cool air, in fact it can be mounted in areas where conventional coolers cannot be mounted due to its rugged construction.

Hydrosteer coolers are available in single or twin units and a variety of lengths. Call one of the Hydrosteer team members to discuss your requirements at 1300 010 338.

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