Random act of kindness from bikie makes truckie’s day

A grateful truckie has shared how a random act of kindness brightened up his day on a recent run to Adelaide from Sydney. 

Interstate driver Nick Fenton stopped at the BP in Wagga Wagga, NSW on Sunday – only to be told his coffee had already been paid for by an anonymous motorcycle driver.  

“I do a fortnightly run to Adelaide and I always stop at that BP to top off on my way,” he told Big Rigs.  

“I always get a coffee at the 24/7 cafe, and I ordered a large coffee.

“The woman behind the counter asked whether that would be all, and I said yes please. 

“She then said ‘I’m pleased to let you know it will be free!’ as an anonymous bikie had paid for 20 coffees for truckies the day before.” 

He said he asked the woman why the bikie had made the kind gesture, but she didn’t know.

“She said she came in for her shift and was informed there was a list/receipt, that was it,” he said.

Fenton said he was happy to share a positive story when there is so much negativity out there.  

“We all hear about the bad side but not enough positivity!” he added.  

“It made my arvo, and I’m sure the other 19 truckies appreciated it as much as I did.

“I just wanted to give the bikie a shout out and say thank you.”  

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