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DHL Supply Chain adds new electric vehicles to its fleet

DHL Supply Chain has added its first SEA Electric light duty truck to its last-mile fleet, along with two Terberg YT200EV electric yard tractors.

The SEA Electric 300-85 EV light duty truck uses a Japanese-built chassis and cabin, assembled in Australia with an Australian-designed electric driveline.

For simple maintenance, SEA Electric’s simple inboard mounted battery design requires no thermal cooling. It produces no tailpipe emissions while providing a 200-kilometre range.

The new electric Terberg tractors replace two diesel-engine tractors and will work 24 hours per day, manoeuvring consumer product trailers into position at a customer site.

The Terberg YT200EV is equipped with a Next Generation, cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery and a 240kW traction motor capable of towing up to 88 tonnes. DHL says they cost significantly less to run than the units they replaced.

These latest fleet updates follow the delivery of DHL’s first Volvo FL truck.

DHL Supply Chain senior vice president of transport, Bill Rolfe, said introducing these vehicles is an important step.

“Guided by the division’s Green Transport Policy, we are modernising our fleet within our supply chain and aiming for a better and cleaner way to do things,” he said.

“While we are committed to providing reliable services for our customers, we are monitoring the industry for sustainability breakthroughs and communicating with our global counterparts to identify and roll out the latest in proven green technologies.

“When it comes to the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, we understand that every gram of GHG emissions and every litre of fossil fuel burnt counts and are acting accordingly.”

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