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‘If you want to be a truckie, put your head down and work’

Given that I see so many Collins Transport trucks through my great little town of Ararat, Victoria, I figured it was about time that I shared a story on one of their drivers in Big Rigs.

I first met Dylan Huyton very early on in my truck photography journey, shooting his truck at daytime, but also some very cool night shoots as well.

I met up with him a few weeks back to find out what makes him tick.

Currently he runs the Horsham to Melbourne, and return, a few days a week, which suits his family life to a tee.

Dylan has been driving trucks for around six years now and got his licence at age 18, having started in a medium rigid, delivering oil drums and progressed from there to driving for Collins.

He is currently driving a Kenworth K220 which he believes is the first prototype of the 220 series that Collins secured, and so far, he has very good feedback on said truck.

He does at times jump in and steer one of the 200s, or some of the older 104s as well.

Now, when it comes to a favourite place to stop and grab a bite, Dylan reckons you can’t beat Chris ‘N Di’s in Stawell to grab a steak and pepper pie and I have to admit, I agree.

When it comes to advice for the new generation of drivers, Dylan says be prepared to make sure it’s something you actually want to do.

Be willing to listen to others and learn new things, while always taking on constructive criticism.

Put your head down and work hard, says Dylan.

Away from the job, Dylan is a normal family man spending time with his partner and their kids, whenever he gets the chance.

In terms of a dream truck to own, for Dylan it’s a Kenworth T900 Legend.

But in today’s world he says he’s smart enough to not own his own truck just yet, but one day.

Meeting the drivers who drive the trucks that keep our country running is a pretty unique thing in itself, and to be able to share your stories is something I enjoy, so thank you for your time Dylan.

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