PETRO Industrial: A true plug-n-play solution

PETRO Industrial brings an enormous amount of experience to the market with our highly engineered range of self bunded bulk fuel tanks, dispensing equipment, parts and maintenance.

We provide tailor-made, turnkey fuel storage solutions for all industries, from a small ‘back on a ute tank’ to a large-scale road and air transport, agricultural, mining and many more blue-chip companies and industries.

Our extensive capabilities allow for projects to be managed from design to the installation and commissioning stages of the project cycle.

Our in-house engineering and design team, well-versed in the industry, integrates intelligent design features to meet client needs. Collaborating closely with our manufacturing team, we deliver top-tier commercial refuelling equipment locally and for export – a true one-stop-shop!

A PETRO Store (PS) 10,000 litre tank refilling. Image: PETRO Industrial

PETRO’s speciality range of self-bunded tanks includes the Liquitainer, PT Series, PC Cube, PETRO Store (PS), Dangerous Goods Store (Control Module), Fuel Trailers, AdBlue and Aviation Tanks. Capacity ranges from 450L through to 200,000L. All our tanks are suitable for the storage and dispensing of diesel, petrol (gasoline), aviation fuels, lubricants, and diesel exhaust fluid (AdBlue®) with the option of a stainless-steel tank to house chemicals such as emulsion, coolants and corrosive liquids.

In order to enhance your investment, PETRO offers the ability to track, resell and manage your fuel anywhere in the world with our own fluid management system, iPETRO.

iPETRO is a range of Cloud Based Electronic Fluid Management products that provides full control of all liquid dispensed.

Effective accountability for your fuel stock is essential to running a well-oiled business.

Do not get caught over- or underestimating your rebate entitlements and eliminate the theft at unmanned refuelling stations.

iPETRO records and stores all data on the iPETRO Cloud Website in real time and can be accessed 24/7 from any device connected to the internet and is supported locally, here in Australia.

PETRO Industrial takes the lead with our dedicated after sales, service and maintenance team that are qualified and certified to work in hazardous environments.

Our team do customer installs as well as regular maintenance on the equipment.

PETRO boasts diversity within the business by supplying to some of the most remote areas in Australia, and the international markets including industries like mining, educational, road transport, power generation, fuel distribution, construction, marine and aviation.

Contact our friendly team with all your bulk fuel storage and dispensing needs.

Send us an email at sales@petroindustrial.com.au, call 1300 987 789 or visit our website at petroind.com.

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