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It’s a good life for this truckie as he travels the Apple Isle

It was freezing cold when Jamie Van Essen, 51, pulled up in his 1989 Mitsubishi Canter at High Clare Roadhouse in Tasmania at around 11am.

The owner operator runs his business Corebuild and Construction based at Somerset, which is beside the Bass Highway in northern Tassie.

“I travel mostly in the area to Burnie, Wynyard and other places and it is a good life,” he said.

The temperature was around six degrees and another driver said that just up the road at Waratah it was much colder and snowing.

“I enjoy the weather and for eight years was at Bundaberg in Queensland where it got very hot,” he said.

Van Essen said he often stopped at the roadhouse when travelling the Ridgley and Murchison Highways for work.

“It is always good food and they open up very early in the morning,” he said.

Hard working Van Essen had also been employed at a mine in Queenstown, Tasmania, for some time.

A Richmond Tigers supporter in the AFL, Van Essen is also into caravan travelling.

“I intend to go to WA for six months later on in the van,” he said.

Van Essen said he couldn’t nominate a really bad road in the Apple Isle. “They are all pretty good, at least the ones I get on,” he said.

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