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Smart on-board mass: Is your fleet future-ready?

In the evolving transport sector, exciting developments are set to increase weight limits and road access with the introduction of smart on-board mass (Smart OBM), as road managers grant access to routes approved as suitable that may have previously been unavailable for vehicle types due to identified infrastructure risks.

Smart OBM provides greater assurance to road managers that heavy vehicles are operating within the approved mass limit for that part of the network and on routes that have been approved as suitable for their use. As the transport sector is gearing up for the broader use and adoption of Smart OBM systems becoming a compliance mandate across Australia there are a number of key dates to be aware of. The question looms: Is your fleet future-ready?

Key compliance dates

Victoria’s deadline for high productivity freight vehicle combinations to adopt Smart  OBM has already past (being June 2023), while Queensland and New South Wales compliance dates for eligible vehicles are fast approaching, with the deadline of June 2024 only five months away. These dates are not just markers on a calendar; they are the final calls for action for fleet operators to implement Smart OBM or face the consequences of non-compliance.

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Understand Smart OBM

In transport, carrying the right weight is crucial. Too much, and you risk efficiency and compliance; too little, and it’s an opportunity missed.

Smart OBM systems provide visibility of truck and load weight, with the information displayed to the driver during time or loading, putting you in control. These systems act as high-tech scales that accurately measure how much weight a vehicle is carrying, ensuring compliance with road safety regulations.

Such systems are more than just weight monitors; they are a commitment to safety and efficiency on our roads. With precise measurements, drivers can be confident that their vehicle is within legal load limits, reducing the risk of accidents and wear on infrastructure.

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) oversees the approval of these systems, ensuring they meet a set of established standards. This approval is a stamp of reliability, indicating that the system is up to the task of keeping our roads safe by preventing overloading.

Smart OBM systems are not just a regulatory requirement; they are an investment in road safety, operational efficiency, and peace of mind for everyone from fleet operators to everyday road users, with benefits back to the operator of increased road access and additional load capacity in some jurisdictions.

Choosing telematics and Smart OBM providers: What matters most

Picking the right technology provider for Smart OBM systems is crucial. You want a partner who not only provides technology but also assures peace of mind with their products and support. As the gap between technology systems like telematics and Smart OBM narrows, it is critical to select technology that scales ensuring you maximise your investment to tackle these mandated requirements.

With over 68 telematics providers in the market, it’s wise to opt for a telematics provider approved by TCA to allow you to scale to incorporate Smart OBM. Surprisingly, only seven telematics providers are TCA Certified, and when considering on-board mass, there are only nine TCA Certified application service providers. These suppliers have passed a stringent evaluation process, proving their devices are up to the task. This isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s ensuring the technology you adopt is reliable, accurate, and ready for the long haul.

FleetWEIGH offers an all-in-one approach, being the first dual-certified TMA Service Provider with telematics and Smart OBM by TCA. FleetWEIGH offers a simplified, streamlined experience for fleet managers and drivers.

WHG bundles everything you need into one product, eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers and complex integration challenges.

Smart OBM deadline approaches for NSW and Queensland. Image: WHG

FleetWEIGH: Class apart

FleetWEIGH boasts integrated Smart OBM and Telematics distributed and supported by WHG.

WHG FleetASSIST is a new 24/7 Bureau Service for drivers, fleet managers and senior management. Let WHG support your operation with proactive monitoring and escalation services.

Allowing you to focus on what matters most: running your business efficiently.

Weighing up your future

As deadlines approach, the need to act is critical. Partnering with FleetWEIGH and WHG gives you assurance of a trusted provider with over 35 years industry experience. It’s an investment in the future of your fleet, safeguarded by the assurance of TCA certification and the innovative edge of WHG’s FleetWEIGH. Making sure you meet the Smart OBM mandate compliance.

To explore how FleetWEIGH can transform your fleet management, contact WHG today and take the first step towards a compliant and efficient future. Click here, email support@whgsolutions.team or call 1800 474 387.

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