Heart-stopping video of near miss between truck and train prompts calls for safety

Rail freight operator Aurizon is joining calls for increased safety at rail crossings after sharing footage of a terrifying near miss between a truck and one of their trains. 

In the wake of a series of near misses and collisions at level crossings across Australia in recent months, Aurizon took to social media to share the bone-chilling video as a warning to truck drivers and other motorists.  

The incident happened in Western Australia’s Goldfields Esperance region on February 10, and the footage was filmed from the front of the train. 

“Our train drivers hope the video will help raise awareness with motorists and heavy vehicle operators of the need for vigilance when using these regional crossings,” Aurizon said.  

“We know there’s a number of contributing factors to level crossing incidents and collectively, we must step up efforts and investment to improve safety for our train crew and for the general community.  

“This includes the rail and road industries, all levels of government, enforcement and road safety agencies, and the general community.” 

Aurizon said they have spoken with the transport operator that owns the truck and are happy with how they have responded.   

“We are very appreciative of their efforts in raising the incident with the driver and with their employees more generally,” they added.  

Collisions and near misses between trucks and trains at level crossings throughout regional Australia have already hit the headlines multiple times this year, prompting calls to improve safety. 

Just yesterday, Tasmania’s rail operator, TasRail, posted their own video of a near miss between a truck and one of their trains. 

“Night or day, heavy vehicle or car, locomotive drivers are regularly facing these heart-stopping moments,” they said.
“Moments like these aren’t easy to forget. The trains we drive can’t swerve, and can’t quickly stop.
“There are times when all we can do is depend on you to do the right thing. The life you save may be your own.”

On New Year’s Eve, two Pacific National freight workers were killed in a collision with a truck in South Australia.  

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  1. Personally I would remove all driving privileges from both these drivers (steering wheel attendants) for life they both nearly killed two train drivers who couldn’t do nothing to do but watch scary

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