Truckie lucky to be alive after timber crashed through cabin

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator has issued a warning – and shared some startling pictures – after “inadequate load restraint” resulted in timber crashing through the cabin of a truck. 

The incident happened earlier this month on the Monash Freeway, near Springvale Road, Victoria.

The driver needed treatment in hospital, but miraculously escaped without serious injury.  

The NHVR has blamed inadequate load restraint, too few straps and “perhaps the need for a rated headboard” for the incident.  

“Remember, there’s no such thing as being too careful,” the regulator said in a post on social media.  

“Ensure your load is restrained and secure before beginning your journey, and don’t put your life on the line.” 

The timber broke free of its restraints and was propelled into the cabin. Image: NHVR

The regulators also reminded truck drivers that their guides to load restraint and load performance standards can be found on their website here.  

It’s been a busy month for the NHVR, as they have just kicked off a nationwide blitz targeting the construction industry.

The on-road operation will run across NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, ACT, and TAS for the next four weeks, focusing on mechanical safety and compliance with mass, dimension and loading requirements of heavy vehicles operating in support of the construction sector.   

The NHVR’s chief operations officer Paul Salvati said: “Throughout the operation, we will prioritise education in the first instance to ensure operators and drivers have a clear understanding of the risks associated with non-compliance during heavy vehicle transport activities in the construction industry, and know how to manage them.”  


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