Truckie, 86, asked to do 20 push-ups to keep his licence


Three veteran truck drivers have differing stories about tests they are required to take to keep their truck licences when aged between 60 and 90.

South Australian Donald James Holliday is aged 86 and last year had to do a stringent medical test before a doctor so he can keep his.

“I got put through a lot of tests such as on my eyesight, and other things including being asked to do 20 push-ups,” Holliday said.

“I managed to do five and the doctor said that was enough. It is fair enough for the safety aspect and I now have my semi-licence until 2026.”

Deniliquin-based operator Ted Markwort, 63, drives a trusty 2007 Western Star around Australia: “In NSW I have to do a test every 12 months and it is all about safety on the roads. I am fit and pass it,” Markwort said.

Veteran 72-year-old old owner-operator Laurie Seery. Image: Alf Wilson

Laurie Seery is aged 72 and has been a driver for 54 years and said he didn’t need to do a test in the NT.

“I haven’t had to do a test in the NT but are required to do a fatigue management test when in WA,” Seery said.

Seery drives a 1998 Acco International and is well known around the country including in Queensland where he is based at Charters Towers.

“That bloke you told me about who had to do push-ups I feel sorry for. Most blokes you see in the street couldn’t do that,” he said.

All three drivers agreed that the medical tests were in the interests of safety on the highways and byways.

  • For more on the issue of the hoops some older drivers must jump through to keep their heavy vehicle licences, make sure you grab your free copy of the March 1 issue of Big Rigs from the usual outlet.

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  1. I am turning 72 soon. I have been licensed since 1969. I have been pulling 1 or 2 trailers for most of my life and sometimes 3 trailers under million dollar aircraft.
    On turning 70 in NSW I was required to do a 1.5 hour test in a SINGLE trailer to keep my MC license.
    What is the sense in that.
    I opted to downgrade to a HC, and test at 80 year old.
    I won’t say I still drive doubles and pay a fine of near $ 700 if asked for my license if the need arises.
    But I will say I still need to park/maneuver for the younger drivers .
    I am being discriminated against because I live in NSW .

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