Lightforce releases the ‘BEAST’

Local Australian owned and operated automotive-lighting manufacturer Lightforce, has today unveiled its latest innovation: the BEAST Driving Light.

With over 38 years of expertise in automotive and sporting lighting, Lightforce continues to push the boundaries by creating a product that fuses military practicality and ruggedness with bold and unique design styling.

The product launch marks the latest addition to the range of already trusted and high performing Australian-designed, engineered, tested and manufactured driving lights by Lightforce including HTXMK2, Genesis, Venom and Striker.

In launching the new product, founder Dr Ray Dennis explained, “The BEAST represents the result of Lightforce’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. We’ve crafted something really special here that sets a new standard for durability, versatility and performance.

“In these times of economic uncertainty, BEAST is a demonstration that we continue to do our part by helping to ensure local jobs and local manufacturing remains strong now and into the future.”

Key Features of the BEAST Driving Light include:

  • A warm white colour temperature range of 5400-5700 to reduce glare and eye strain.
  • Consistent and precise beam patterns for confident driving on any road type.
  • Slimline footprint and lightweight design.
  • Countless mounting opportunities for seamless vehicle integration.
  • Hard coated lens for extreme impact resistance and durability.

Undoubtably the most important feature of the new light is summed up best by National Sales and marketing manager David Evans, “The BEAST Driving Light is not just another driving light, it’s revolutionising the driving experience for the end user. With its unique three-mode operation, users can effortlessly switch between spot, flood and the powerful BEAST mode all from the comfort of their driving seat.”

He continued, “Seeing the wide smile on end users’ faces during the testing phase of development as they were able to change the light beam pattern and adapt to changing road conditions with the press of switch was something else indeed and it was at that moment, we realised something truly special had been created.’

The three-mode operations of BEAST:

  • Spot Mode: Tame your terrain with BEAST’s spot beam pattern for long-distance visibility. Beam distance 1 LUX at 1497m / 1637yds. Beam width 60m / 66yds.
  • Flood Mode: Enhance safety on winding roads with BEAST’s flood beam pattern, offering an impressive 160-degree peripheral vision. Beam distance 1 LUX at 778m / 851yds. Beam width 140m / 153yds.
  • BEAST Mode: Press and hold to unleash the full potential of your BEAST, with extended beam distance and maximum width for long-range vision. Beam distance 1 LUX 1375m / 1504yds. Beam width 140m / 153yds.

Dennis emphasised the significance of the BEAST’s unique features. “We’ve engineered the BEAST to excel in the most extreme driving conditions. It surpasses global test standards for durability and longevity, leading us to consider it the most rigorously tested Australian-made driving light on the market,” he said.

“We want end users to be in command of any situation with confidence and assist them to arrive wherever they are going safely.”

Key Certifications:

  • IP69K Ingress Protection for immersion, steam and fine dust.
  • IK16 impact-rated lens survives high speed rock impacts.
  • MIL-STD-810H 514.4 vibration and shock-tested.
  • Endures extreme temperatures, salt spray and chemical exposure.
  • Compliant to international safety standards for AU/NZ and USA markets.

Evolve your driving experience with BEAST and Unleash the Wild. Choose between the BEAST single pack, priced at $599.00 RRP, or the BEAST Twin pack, available for $1199.00 RRP, along with accessories now accessible through all Lightforce product stockists, fitters and the Lightforce website at au.lightforce.com.

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