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Northern Territory awards $100 million responsive road sealing contract

The Northern Territory government has committed $100 million over five years to ensure quick, responsive and regular bitumen resurfacing works across its road networks.

The bituminous works will be carried out in all of the NT’s regions including Central Australia, the Barkly, Big Rivers, Top End regions and include urban roads in Darwin, Palmerston and Litchfield.

“In the Territory our roads are vital lifelines that connect communities, and provide work for Territorians and their families,” said Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics Joel Bowden.

“Sealing roads across the breadth of the Northern Territory is a priority of the Territory Labor Government.”

The businesses that have won the panel contract include Downer EDI Works, Boral Asphalt NT, F & J Bitumen Services, NT Bitumen and Asphalt, Top Coat Asphalt and Fulton Hogan Industries.

The contract is split into a series of schedules and includes large asphalt works, large resealing works, smaller asphalt works such as footpaths and carparks as well as smaller resealing jobs.

According to the NT government, the panel contract cuts red tape, saves businesses time and ensures asphalting, sealing and resealing works can be rolled out when and where they are needed.

“We will continue to invest in our roads, to ensure we continue to improve year round connectivity and unlock economic opportunities here in the NT,” Bowden added.

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  1. Lots of that won’t take long to be washed away off the surface during the next flood.
    It would be far more economical to can that plan to construct a new concrete road beside the existing road made of cement, and stone found nearby constructed to survive any erosion caused by flooding .
    The Roman’s built concrete roads and many of them are still in existence covered with tar so having concrete roads would save hundred of millions of $$$ in repairs

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