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Record numbers soak in a history of trucking at Lancefield


Drive 70km north of Melbourne and you’ll find the picturesque town of Lancefield with its 2743 inhabitants.

Normally a quiet little town, it has its share of weekend rubbernecks who want an easy day’s outing from the big smoke and arrive to sample the coffee shops, pub, wine bar and shops.

The last weekend of February each year also brings trucks, lots of trucks to the town’s recreation reserve.

This is one of the American Truck Historical Society’s (ATHS) major get-togethers each year, and 2024 probably topped them all in terms of attendance, with well over 200 trucks – many with trailers attached, which is normally a no-go for truck shows – arriving purely for the enjoyment of sharing stories with other club members and the public.

Not that it is easy for the public to find the reserve, as there are only a couple of small signs on the main road through town pointing to its whereabouts and the fact a truck show is on.

This is because the council refuse to allow ATHS to put up any signage in the days leading up to the show and only those small pointers on the day. This stands in stark contrast to Casino (NSW) council who actively promote that town’s event. Go figure?

International Alley at Lancefield. Image: Graham Harsant

Be that as it may, record numbers found their way to the grounds over the weekend to soak in a history of trucking displayed by ATHS members.

There are no awards given at these events but that doesn’t stop the owners from presenting their trucks in pristine condition. They are also more than willing to talk about their truck’s history with any rubberneck who asks.

As a place to hold an event, Lancefield is at the top of the tree, mainly because there are so many shady tree tops to park under, giving relief from the sun for both owners and visitors.

M.G Stevenson Transport’s superb KW S2. We’ve yet to see a better example. Image: Graham Harsant

Walk amongst them, admire these beautifully preserved vehicles, listen to the live music, grab a burger with the lot from the Lions Club for only $6 and finish off with a soft-serve ice-cream.

Put Lancefield in your diary for next February. We guarantee you’ll love it. If you can’t wait that long, they run another event at Echuca in September and Maffra in November.

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