How an Aussie muffler shop pioneered truck stack discoloration solution

Fuelled by an unwavering passion for the roar of engines and the gleam of chrome, Alfred Woodbury transformed his life from a garage hobbyist tinkering with cars and trucks to a dedicated employee to becoming a proud owner of Windsor Exhaust Centre in Windsor, NSW in 1978.

Facing the challenge of reviving a struggling muffler shop, his vision and drive steered this local gem into the fast lane of the automotive industry.

With hands-on experience and knowledge in the field, he expanded the business to include more services such as chrome tips manufacturing and customised mufflers. This enabled him to serve a wide spectrum of customers, ranging from regular drivers to business owners within the heavy equipment sector.

In 2010, with the rapid growth of the trucking industry, the demand for superior truck gear has also surged. 

A common issue that arises in the trucking community is where traditional chrome truck stack discolours at 315-370⁰C. Challenging weather conditions further worsen the issue, leading to the development of cracks and rust. Additionally, the introduction of Euro emission standards for new trucks has added an extra burden.

Right: A remarkable transformation of a 1988 model 279 Peterbilt into a modern, compliant, and stylish rig, equipped with Silverback Bullhorn monster stacks. Above left: We have an extensive range of mudguards and unique options. Those pictured boast a ripple-free texture and a mirror-like finish, highlighting their fierce appearance. Images: CSC Group

Something had to change, and under the leadership of the next generation Woodbury, the new team embarked on a relentless quest to find a solution. It was during this determined pursuit that the Silverback brand was born.

Silverback Armour is a brand division of CSC Group, with its game-changing technology surpassing traditional chrome stacks. It’s established itself as the preferred choice for top-known truck brands and truck enthusiasts nationwide.

With its unique heat-resistant formula that can withstand extreme temperatures up to 650⁰C, it’s proved to be a revolutionary product in the Australian trucking world.

The Silverback brand offers the widest range of chrome stacks, stainless-steel mudguards (fenders), brackets and mounts, steer flares and bug deflectors, manufactured in both Australia and America.

Fast-forward to today, five incredible decades later. As Mr Woodbury basks in a well-deserved retirement, his words and visionary spirit continue to reverberate. ‘A Quality & Innovative Product Tailored for Australian Outback Conditions’ is etched deeply within the hearts of the subsequent generations of the family, who ardently carry forward his awe-inspiring legacy.

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