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Family-owned roadhouse a top place to stop

The owners of Mundrabilla Roadhouse in WA know how to look after drivers as they have their own trucks on their nearby cattle station.

Colin and Brie Campbell have run the familiar roadhouse since late 2022 and it has been described as a great place to stop by numerous drivers.

Its description is an “Oasis in the Aussie Outback”.

The roadhouse is located on the Nullarbor Plain, 1363km from Perth and 644km east of Norseman via the Eyre Highway, and 1331km from Adelaide.

Spy spoke to Brie who said at least 30 truckies on average a day stop there for fuel, a meal, or to use the toilets and showers. It’s open from 6.30am to 10pm.

“Our daughter also works at the roadhouse and we have eight staff, many of whom have been here a long time. The favourite food for truckies is steak, veggies and chips but they also like the burgers. Everything is home cooked and some days we get more than 30 trucks here. The parking area is often packed,” Brie said.

The roadhouse will soon undergo a fuel upgrade. Image: Alf Wilson

“It’s been fabulous to have the support from so many regular truckies and a great tourist trade. Being a family owned and operated business it means a lot. Mundrabilla Roadhouse is a busy restaurant/cafe, bar, motel, caravan park and fuel station half way between Adelaide and Perth. We are about to undergo a major fuel upgrade which will be starting next month,” she said.

South Australian driver Lynton Bruce was glowing in his praise of the roadhouse.

“They are really friendly people and serve up good meals at reasonable prices,” he said.

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