They need to start building roads for trucks, says QTA

Sometime ago a wise fleet owner gave the QTA some free advice when commenting on the problem with our road system, stating, “They build roads for cars and let trucks use them.”

These are words that the Association often uses when talking with bureaucrats about funding for roads and bridges.

Is it beyond reason to think that the government might build roads for trucks that cars can also use? What does it take? It is the QTA’s view that it is possible through considered consultation and collaboration between road managers and industry.

The QTA has already experienced that this model works through the engagement being undertaken with Queensland Transport and Main Roads on the Cunningham’s Gap Reconstruction Project (CGRP). Funded by the Commonwealth-State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements, extensive industry consultation with the CGRP Project Team has meant that truck use is paramount in the restoration design of this major national freight route.

How do we get more of this happening? This is where the professional advocacy of the QTA comes in. With so many industries competing for government spending, the QTA is making sure that investment in roads and bridges is at the forefront of the minds of politicians. Another part of the role is to get fleet owners onboard, offer opportunities to discuss on-road compliance and access issues with road managers and engineers so they can make more informed decisions that will benefit with improved safety and productivity and not impede the road freight industry.

To support this, the QTA is rolling out Road Freight Forums around the state for fleet owners. Bringing TMR, NHVR, local councils and QPS together, the purpose is to drive regional solutions in a collaborative way.

The first forum will kick off in Cairns on March 14, followed by monthly forums across Queensland up until August.

Registrations are open to all businesses who own and operate trucks as part of their business and who need support with any regulatory, access or compliance related issues.

The QTA is an unwavering priority advocate for increased access for multi-combinations and establishing an all-weather national freight route in Australia. The importance of this has again been put into focus over the summer with the impact of cyclones, floods and fires. The term ‘Groundhog Day’ is an understatement on this issue.

What we know is that many times during each year in this country, road access is regularly cut by floods and fires. What the industry is asking for is that decisions around road and bridge infrastructure investment be viewed through a strategic lens to create a freight network rather than a road-by-road or bridge-by-bridge scenario that only solves an issue here or there in a region.

In Queensland, approving more access for high productivity combinations and upgrading key bridges in regional areas will connect the arteries that feed onto the Inland Freight Route, taking traffic off the flood prone Bruce Highway.

With a Queensland Election coming up in October, the QTA will be consistently and strategically advocating the importance of the road freight industry to Queensland’s economy and the wellbeing of communities.

Be a part of the activities of Queensland’s oldest industry association for road freight and work towards increasing the importance of the role the industry plays in keeping the state moving and supporting the wellbeing of our communities.

For more information, visit qta.com.au.

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