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You learn a lot by asking other drivers for help


I first met Tayt Johns back in early 2023 when i started my truck photography page so it’s only fitting to include his story in my Big Rigs column.

Watching his journey along the way has been great from a photographer’s perspective given the personal touches he has added to the truck. Tayt has been driving trucks for 2.5 years and if he has it his way, I think he will be in this for the long haul.

He is currently driving a Freightliner Coronado with flat tops with PJT. Usually, carting steel or concrete pits all over the country.

Tayt’s trucking journey started when he was just a couple of weeks old when he used to jump into the truck with the old boy travelling up and down the Hume. Then, as he got older, skipping school and learning how to use a logbook and restrain loads.

As a part of my stories I also like to find out the driver’s favourite food stops.

For Tayt, there are a few roadhouses he regularly visits, The Tuckerwagon at Moorland, NSW, BP Camperdown, Victoria, and Wimpys Wodonga, Victoria, for a rump steak or ‘parma’ and the occasional mix grill.

When it comes to advice for the next gen drivers, Tayt recommends always asking questions and ask for help when you’re not sure of something.

“I’ve learned a lot by asking fellow drivers about things such as tarping or a better way to restrain a load,” Tayt says.

Away from the job, Tayt spends a lot of his time out in the high country of Victoria with the 4by/dirt bikes while sinking cans by the fire.

His dream truck is a Ford LTL9000 Aeromax which was the truck he grew up in as a kid.

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